The Freedom To Create

This post originally appeared on December 15, 2011, on the official (today archived) Blog of Artists 4 Israel. 

Hello –

Artists 4 Israel has some historic news to share with you! As part of the International Freedom to Create Prize, there is an on-going outdoor photography exhibit featuring the best work showcasing artistic vision and international diplomacy. This Prize was judged and selected by some of the great and culturally significant artistic and humanitarian minds of our time, including but not limited to, Salman Rushdie, Daryl Hannah, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Ana Tzarev. The exhibit is currently hosted in South Africa. Last year’s exhibit toured Cairo, New York, Mumbai and Sarajevo. The exhibit is currently hosted in South Africa. Last year’s exhibit toured Cairo, New York, Mumbai and Sarajevo.

Two Artists 4 Israel photos from our Murality trip to Israel, both shot by our own Seth Wolfson, are part of the exhibition. The photos on display in South Africa.

This is HUGELY impressive and important. We are the ONLY pro-Israel advocacy organization even being considered for this incredible prize; let alone to be a part of the exhibition.

Across the world now, our message is being spread: Israel is a beautiful country that chooses art over war.

This is where we need your help. The international community has recognized how important A4I’s methods are and we ask you to do the same. We ask you to consider a donation. $10 buys a can of paint for an advocacy program, $5000 funds Artists 4 Israel on a local college campus, $20,000 puts A4I on a campus that requires travel, $65,000 would fund A4I’s fourth Murality trip to paint bomb shelters in Israel. $300,000 would fund Artists 4 Israel’s programming for a year. $500,000 would fund A4I’s entire 2012 budgetary needs- including both programming and fully staffed operations. Yes, we do make the most of our funding!

Please take a moment to think about the importance of Artists 4 Israel’s mission: Artists 4 Israel uses the power and universal messages of art to educate, support and provide awareness about Israel.

We are the only advocacy organization using the arts to change the universal bias towards Israel. Please donate here

We thank you in advance for your time and generous contribution.


Craig Dershowitz

Artists 4 Israel


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