Groundbreaking tool to fight PTSD: Healing Arts Kits

The Healing Arts Kits  was created in a state of war. It was during the heights of the Operation Protective Edge when Artists 4 Israel and WIZO NY partnered to bring a healing kit to the areas undergoing severe terror attacks. Healing Arts Kits was designed to help children fight emotional trauma, to distract them with a creative approach, and to bring them peace when their surrounding is at conflict. It was designed by mental health professionals, art therapists, teachers and parents. By today, it is widely used as the life-saving little miracle throughout Israel’s bomb shelters, hospitals, schools and homes. But fighting PTSD or curing the unseen scares are not something that only Israeli communitites face with.

“The Healing Arts Kits might have been designed in Israel but it is has very real, very powerful impact right here in the unsafe areas of Brooklyn where we can already see its transformative abilities.”
— The Bridge MCP

Thanks to a powerful collaboration, in an incredibly short time, an idea turned into a reality. A4I is proud to celebrate the anniversary of this groundbreaking peace tool, called: Healing Arts Kits.


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