Batsheva – An Insider’s Perspective

This post originally appeared on September 2, 2012 on the official (today archived) Blog of Artists 4 Israel. – A response to Batsheva dance group: my deep shame at this bigoted festival protest

Jackie Kemp, granddaughter of Robert Kemp, co-founder of the Edinburgh Festival, weighs in on the attempts by the terrorist sympathizers of the BDS and their related organizations to ban Batsheva from performing.
Although they were incapable of stopping the show – they did cause many disruptions within the show. As Jackie understands, these disruptions are a disgrace to art and a slap in the face against the very purpose of the Festival.
As Jackie points out, the Edinburgh Festival was created after World War II to bring art back to a world that had been stripped of it in the raping violence of war. Today, the anti-Israel crowd continues to want to leave us in the darkness and fear of their terror. I applaud Jackie’s willingness to speak truth to the lies. I applaud Batsheva’s courage to continue their award-winning beautiful work in the face of tyranny and I applaud all artists who bring us light.

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