Times Of Israel: Protest Art or Propaganda?

October, 2015 – Times of Israel Blog

I spoke with Craig Dershowitz, executive director of Artists4Israel, an artist rights and advocacy group that supports Israel and artistic freedom with a specific focus on contemporary, urban, and disruptive art, about how the recent events at Dismaland can help us understand the intersection between political and artistic expression in Western society today.

Alzaqzouq’s action was clearly a protest, but since he was covering up his own art, was it also a form of artistic expression?

“Artists4Israel has always resided at the intersection of art, protest, performance, and politics,” according to Dershowitz. “The thing which has always distinguished us from the likes of Shadi Alzaqzouq, is that while our work will oftentimes have a message or be viewed as protest art or political art, it is never propaganda. What Shadi and others do is propaganda.”



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